What is the Wavy Hair Community?
Wavy Hair Community is a group on facebook dedicated to wavy hair care.

How do I write a review?
Post a comment and write your review in the comment.

How do I see the reviews? 
When you click on an individual post, you will be able to see the comments (reviews) at the bottom of the page.

Where is the review I wrote?  
All comments must be approved.  We do this to keep the spam out of the comments (reviews).  Patience grasshopper, your review will be added. 

What is the best way to navigate this site?
The easiest way is to use the tabs at the top of the page.  All products in each category are listed there. 

What if the product I want to review isn't listed?
Message Pedaheh on facebook with the name of the product and which category it belongs in (curl creams, conditioners, etc.) and she will add it to the blog.  

What should I include in my review?
Be sure to add your hair's properties, if you know them.  This will help readers determine if a product will work for them.  It is also helpful to include the store where you bought the product, so readers know where to find it.

For conditioners, use this moisture scale:

1-2 Very light conditioners, usually used to cowash
3-4 light rinse out
5-6 average rinse out
7-8 moisturizing rinse out
9-10 Deep conditioner

For gels use this hold scale:
1 Light hold
2 Medium hold
3 Firm hold
4 Strong Hold
5 Super Strong Hold

Thank you for writing reviews!

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