Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Science-y Hair Blog Oil Blend

Recipe found here from Science-y Hair Blog on Blogger. 

Sweet Curls Elixirs Oil Treatment Elixir

Found at Sweet Curls Elixirs on ETSY. 

Sweet Curls Elixirs Deep Conditioning Elixir

Found at Sweet Curls Elixirs on ETSY.

Sweet Curls Elixirs Flax Seed Spray Elixir

Found at Sweet Curls Elixirs on ETSY.

Sweet Curls Elixirs Conditioning Elixir

Found at Sweet Curls Elixirs on ETSY.

Sweet Curls Elixirs Flaxseed Curl Cream

Found at Sweet Curls Elixirs on ETSY.

Sweet Curls Elixirs Okra Defining Gel

Found at Sweet Curls Elixirs on ETSY.

Sweet Curls Elixirs Flaxseed Defining Gel

Found at Sweet Curls Elixirs on ETSY.

Curl Junkie Beauticurls Strengthening Conditioner

Friday, October 11, 2013

Wavy Hair Community Best Products of 2013

Members of the Wavy Hair Community voted on the best products for 2013. 

Deep Treatment-  DIY deep treatments with regular conditioner plus add ins was voted the best deep treatment.  Curl Junkie Rehab came in second. Link to the DT voting.
Protein Treatment-  The Gelatin Protein Treatment got more votes then the next two combined.  Ion Effective Care (Sally Beauty Supply) came in second and Curl Junkie Curl Repair Me came in third.  Link to the PT voting.

Low Poo (Sulfate Free Shampoo)-  The top 3 low poos got about half of the total votes.  The votes were pretty even among the top 3.  1st place was Jessicurl Gentle Lather Shampoo, 2nd place was Deva Care Low Poo, and 3rd was Shea Moisture Moisture Retention Shampoo.  Link to the Low Poo voting.

Cowash Conditioner-  Curl Junkie Daily Fix came in first place.  Daily fix is a cleansing conditioner.  It has surfactants/cleansers in addition to the conditioner ingredients.  Suave came in second and As I am Coconut Cowash Cleansing Conditioner was third.  Link to the Cowash voting. 

Best Conditioner-  Tresemme Naturals took first place for best conditioner, followed closely by GVP Conditioning Balm.  Link to the Conditioner voting.

Best Light Moisture Conditioner-  Curl Junkie Beauticurls Strengthening Conditioner was voted best lightly moisturizing conditioner.  Link to the Light Conditioner Voting.

Best Medium Moisture Conditioner- Spiral Solutions Catlin's Conditioner tied with Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner.  Link to the Medium Conditioner Voting.

Best Moisturizing Conditioner-  DevaCare One Condition was voted the Best Moisturizing Conditioner.  Darcy Botanicals Pumpkin Seed Moisturizing Conditioner and Curl Junkie Curl Rehab tied for second place.  Link to the Moisturizing Conditioner Voting.  

Best Leave-In Conditioner-  Just using some of whatever rinse out conditioner you are using got the most votes.  Kinky Curly Knot Today, a legendary detangler, came in second.  Link to the leave-in conditioner voting.

Gel- Biosilk Rock Hard Gel (the winner) is know for being the hardest hold gel available. It received just over 1/4 of the votes in a field with 17 different gels receiving votes.  It received almost as may votes as the next 3 gels combined.  2nd place was Volumax (Sally Beauty Supply) and tied for 3rd place are Deva Ultra Defining Gel and LA Looks Sports Gel. Link to the Gel voting.

Best Medium Hold Gel-  Herbal Essences Totally Twisted was the winner with Ecostyler Krystal in second place and Curl Junkie Curl Queen in third place.  Link to the medium hold gel voting.

Best Hard Hold Gel-  Biosilk Rock Hard Gel won in a landslide.  Link to the hard hold gel voting.  

Mousse-  DevaCurl Frizz Free Volumizing Foam took first place.  Tied for second were Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curl Boosting Mousse and Suave Captivating Curls Cream Styling Mousse.  Link to the Mousse voting.

Curl Cream-  AG Recoil got almost twice and many votes as the second place contender Curl Junkie Coffee Coco Curl Cream Lite.  Link to the Curl Cream voting.  

Curl Enhancer-  Homemade Flax Seed Gel received more votes then the next two products combined. Tied for second place were As I Am Curling Jelly and Kinky Curly Curling Custard.  Deva B'Leave'In took third place.  Link to the Curl Enhancer voting.

Hairspray-  The WHC doesn't have a ton of hairspray users, but the winner was Ouidad Styling Mist Setting and Hold Spray.  Link to the Hairspray voting. 

Best Daily Protein Boosting Product-  This could have been a product of any description used daily to add protein.  The winner was Neutral Protein Filler with Spiral Solutions Strength and Shine Leave-in Protein Spray coming in second.  Link to the Best Daily Protein Boosting Product voting. 

Best Product Worth the Splurge-  This was a product in any category that seemed expensive to you, but was worth the price you paid for it.  Biosilk Rock Hard Gel took first place with more votes then the second and third place combined.  Second place was Curl Junkie Repair Me and third place was Spiral Solutions Curl Enhancing Jelly.  Link to the Best Product Worth the Splurge voting.

Best Oil, Butter, or Oil and/or Butter Blend-  Coconut oil came in first and Science-y Hair Blog Oil Blend came in second.  Link to the Oil voting.

Best Towel (or Equivalent) for Drying Hair-  Flour Sack Towels and 100% Cotton T-shirts tied for first place.  Link to the Towel voting.

Best Clips for Clipping-  Jaw clips were the clear winner.  Coming in a distant second were small jaw clips.  Link to the clipping voting.  

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Spiral Solutions Ali Kat Taming Spritz

Found online at Sprial Solutions and Curl Mart.

Shea Moisture Curling Souffle

Found at Target, Sally Beauty Supply.  This product is somewhere between a curl enhancer, curl cream, and a gel.

Scrunch and Pump

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Rajastahani Twilight Henna

This was a random picture I found on the internet.
You can buy this at

Lush Caca Brun Mama Henna

La Riche Directions Semi-Permenent Conditioning Hair Color

Garnier Nutrisse Permanent Hair Colour

Hairveda Whipped Gelly

Hairveda Sitrinillah Deep Conditioner

Crown Pride Naturals Tucuma Curl Moisture Mask

Crown Pride Naturals Avocado Detangling Conditioner

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Yes To Cucumbers Color Protection Shampoo

Available in drugstores and online. Sulfate-free shampoo with moisturizing surfactants and conditioners.