Thursday, October 25, 2012

Regis Design Line Olive Oil Conditioner

Found in Regis Salons and Salons located in Walmarts. 


  1. My hair: 2b/c; texture: Fine; Density: Medium; Porosity: Low; Elasticity: Normal.
    Moisture scale 7.5
    I love this conditioner, it is a HG for me! It has just the right balance of protein and moisture to keep my fine hair in balance. I love the smell, cinnamon to me, but that is up for debate in the WHC. I use this as a RO and sometimes a LI too.
    This product is sold only in Regis salons, but many salons located in Walmart are Regis salons, so check there!

  2. 2B, fine, med density, med-high porosity, med elasticity

    Moisture: 6
    Slip: 6

    I tried to love this stuff, but I couldn't. I felt that as a conditioner, it was only so-so for me. My hair liked GVPCB more, and let's face it- GVPCB is cheaper.

  3. Hair: 2C; fine texture; thin in density; porous.

    I first tried this conditioner during the summer and it was a complete no-go for me. It over-conditioned my hair with just one application. With the lower dews of winter causing my hair to dry out I tried it again, and thank the goodness I did. It's just the right amount and kind of condition for low dews and it's the only conditioner that's worked for me this winter.