Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ion Hard Hat Dryer

Found at Sally Beauty Supply.

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  1. A.K.A as the R2D2.
    I believe the model of the Ion hard hat dryer I have (S13200) is an older version of the one Sally's sells now. I think this is just O.K. But, it is much better then the Gold 'n Hot (from Sally's) and the hard hat dryer I bought from Walmart. I returned both of those. Both of those other hard hat dryers had gigantic hoods that my head just rattled around in. I would have to move my head from side to side to dry anything. Both of those other dryers only had vents at the top of the hood and did not dry the sides of my hair, let alone the length. They were horrible and wretched and I had them removed from my sight.

    Now for the Ion dryer. I like the size of the hood. The height adjusts a couple inches up and down. It works fine for me at 5'4". My hair just touches my shoulders. The dryer doesn't really dry anything below and inch-ish past the chin. My length gets dried mostly by diffusing first. I've heard that if you clip a towel around the outside of the hood you can direct more air downward and dry the length of your hair. I haven't tried that, but I'm kind of doubtful that would work. It is worth trying if you already own an Ion dryer. Some of the other models have plastic pieces that pull down on the sides of the hood to direct air downward. My version doesn't do this. It is too loud inside the dryer to watch youtube sensation Watterlilly716, but you can post on the WHC just fine. :) The noise level for the people around you isn't bad. I use the dryer with the gelatin PT, my DT, but mostly in the winter when I don't want to air dry. I sometimes use my dryer to dry a roller set or pin curl set. I expected my hair to dry more quickly then it actually does with the hooded dryer. But it still dries way, way more quickly then if I were to air dry. So, that's still good. My dryer has two heat settings. I can only use the hot setting for a few minutes, and then I have to turn down the heat. I wish the warm setting were a bit warmer, but it is fine. I like how it collapses and stores, but all hard hat dryers pretty much do that.

    I had coupons and a sale was happening and I got this dryer a few years ago for somewhere in the 30-40$-ish range. I'm glad I got the dryer. I'm happy with it. It mostly does what I want it to do. It doesn't do what I hoped it would do. I like it, but I don't love it.