Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sweet Curls Elixirs Flaxseed Defining Gel

Found at Sweet Curls Elixirs on ETSY.


  1. Aside from the scent, which I would not get again, this is pretty good. I opted to get a little mag sulf, and it is not too drying. I think this formula may make my hair feel a little bit lighter than the one I used for the ODG, though I made both very similar. I did not get mag sulf in both. Hard to say if I'd get more of this or the ODG. I haven't run out of either I have time. I have, on occasion, used them both, actually. FSG followed by the ODG after my hair has dried some, as the latter is a real shine booster!

  2. I really like this gel. It has enough hold for my frizz-prone thicker hair, and completely SOTCs to leave soft, shiny waves. When I use it with a curl cream (SCE or curl keeper), I can get day 3 & 4 hair with re-wets. I am sensitive to fragrances, so I opted for the spearmint & grapefruit essential oils, which I enjoy. The mint helps me wake up in the morning.