Monday, June 3, 2013

Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curl Define and Hold Cream

Found in drugstores.  Contains Dimethiconol, Cycylopentasiloxane, and a PEG cone.


  1. My hair: Medium-fine, medium density, normal elasticity, normal porosity. About collar bone length, and colored.

    HETT Curl Cream is my new love! I've been using it as my only styler for about three weeks. I get nicely defined waves with very good hold for a product that claims to be a level 2 hold.

    My normal routine is co-wash with SNES or low-poo with JC GLS, GVPCB for rinse out, and a drop of KCKT in the length for leave in. I use a microfiber towel to blot excess water, then use a fine tooth comb to get all the hairs lined up. Gently shuffle my hair away from my scalp, then apply the product. I use 4-6 pumps for my whole head and apply in sections: the two sides and the back. Some areas, like my nape and above my ears, get a little more since that's where my weakest wave pattern is. I smooth the product over both sides of the sheet of hair, then scrunch it up and into the ends. Pixie diffuse for a few minutes, then air dry the rest of the way. It is easy to SOTC when it's completely dry.

    I do get a little bit of dryness at the ends, which is why I like the KCKT for leave in. Also, when I first wet my hair to wash it, it does feel like it has a bit of a waxy layer on it. Co-washing usually removes this, but I like to low poo every few washes to remove any lingering build up.

  2. I like this product. The scent is on the milder side for Herbal Essences. I used 5 pumps for my shoulder-length, fine hair. It gives good curl/wave enhancement and definition (helps waves curl, holds waves together). It also is very flexible - my hair is able to recover from time out in the wind and humidity well with this product whereas a crunchier gel would be tacky or tangly. The hold is medium to strong, but when dry there is barely any crunchiness and what there was, was easy to scrunch out to eliminate the stringy look. This product does not hold my flyaways in as well as gel - but that is more a complaint for being outdoors. I needed shampoo to remove the product, although not a full-strength shampoo. I was amazed that my hair was not weighed down by the silicone ingredients, in fact, it gives my hair a light, voluminous look.
    If I were more a fan of fragranced products and if the preservative were not one I need to use only rarely to avoid itch - I would absolutely love this product, silicones and all. It is my ideal of what a curl cream *would* be - smoothing, defrizzing, providing hold but not too heavy.

  3. I'm super crazy about this on the first day, but it almost seals my hair too well. I have a difficult time refreshing the next day because water seems to sit on top of it.