Monday, March 10, 2014

Sweet Curl Elixirs Crazy Curly Hard Hold Elixir

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  1. 2c/3a, dense, low porosity, mostly coarse.

    Crazy Curly Hard Hold gel has quickly become a go-to gel when I need good hair days. (I don't request any additives.) Highly recommended.

  2. I generally like this, but something in it is drying to my hair. Not sure if it is an aloe thing, or a weather thing, or both. I have some left and will be trying it more as the weather changes. If there is no change, I may need to tweak my add ins and see how I can get this to work better for me. Cuz I like it otherwise. I like the scent, Creme Brulee, but I find it is a little strong, so I might pick a different one next time, or have it made lighter.

  3. 2a thin, porous, fine.
    This is an HG gel for me in the fall and dry winter. My hair doesn't like aloe in the relatively more humid spring and summer. In negative dew points this gel gave me curls. Curls I tell you! In negative dew points! My hair just loves the stuff. I could probably get away with just using this product if I had to. I put BRHG over the top, because I like LOTS of hold.