Sunday, April 28, 2013

Deva Curl Deva Towel

Found at Salons, Online.

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  1. I have tried Curls Like Us, Curl-Ease, Hotheads Hand Dry, t-shirts, and hands down these still remain my favorite. No other microfiber towel I have touched (which includes automotive section towels, Turbie Twist towels, Aquis) are anywhere near as soft or fine. They are small so, mostly for scrunching, but I have lined a long sleeved T with one for plopping. They are just the nicest manipulability for scrunching, very absorbent and still my favorite, though I like the Hotheads and the Curls Like Us too. Too bad they don't have darker colors, as inevitably hair color will discolor them, or gels but That won't affect their use. I keep them folded handy in a drawer. Yes, pricier than automotive section towels, BUT very soft. No catching on fingers, just the right density to feel your hair but still thick enough for absorbency. Great product.