Sunday, April 28, 2013

Deva Dryer

Found at Salons and Online.


  1. OK I finally went out on a limb and got this mostly due to a video of someone with pretty straight hair using it on a shorter cut and it was great. I figured even if I cut my hair short again someday this would still work fine.

    It comes with The Hand and a concentrator (I have never figure out how to use a concentrator, but its there if you need it!). The cord is LONG, like 9 ft. It's a solid round heavy duty cord and not like the lamp cords on your regular blowdryer. High low force settings and High low heat settings and a cool shot button.

    First The Hand. I'm actually finding it is great at getting in and getting root volume. Use it like you do in Pixie Diffusing, don't move it! And let it do its job. Leave it a minute or two. Move that all around your scalp (OFF in between and STAYING STILL while on, also put the "finger tips" on the scalp and angle the palm up an inch or two) for those sections that just won't dry otherwise. Don't forget the nape and back!

    Also, I like that I can switch it out for my bowl diffuser (Revlon tourmaline bowl one) for the rest of my hair and then go back to The Hand and use single fingers in the top, lifting for more volume. like you would use a pinky to lift a section, but this pinky blows lightly. It works pretty slick. Also, if you hold it over your hair and slightly away, and DON"T MOVE IT AROUND you'll get a decent "hood dryer" effect. I actually like that effect with my bowl diffuser on it better, but The Hand is pretty good. You can also insert it under big sections with the "palm" of the hand outward (holding STILL) and get lift AND some extra length drying. I do that at the end though when it is like 70 or so percent dry.

    Now the dryer itself. Love it. It's small. I can hold it any which way. The body does NOT get hot. The attachment does NOT get hot. I can change the direction of the diffuser and not worry about singeing fingers. The buttons seem to fall very conveniently no matter which way I hold it for switching on and off, moving from high to low heat, or high to low speed and using the cool shot. It was very well thought out. I LOVE that the screen on the back comes out to be defuzzed. This is the downfall of all the drugstore models I've ever gotten and I suspect the "killer" of same when you get frustrated not being able to get the fuzz out. The high heat is not as high I don't think as my old one, but that's better for your hair. However it's high enough if you are using your old drying techniques it'll dry fine. I LOVE the low heat setting. It just seems....right. Also, my old dryer would make my lights flicker. Turn it on, flicker. Press the cool shot button, flicker. This does NOT. This may be a result of the much higher quality cord. I don't know, but I'm much less worried about blowing a fuse.

    Overall, I am just happy as a clam with this thing. Frankly, I'd recommend it to anyone. I've never tried a high end dryer before (which all seem to be priced about the same as this) so maybe they're all great, but I feel like I have the best of ALL worlds to manipulate my hair with the Hand, the concentrator and my bowl diffuser, or just plain open. Personally, I feel its a very good tool and as much time as we all spend on our hair, it's going to be worth its price to have a good hair tool if you aren't the type that can't air dry, like me.

  2. Here are a set of pics on how I use the dryer

  3. I have the hand attachment only. It fits decently on my dryer. I like the attachment for many of the same reasons above- root volume, and drying under layers. I use it when I have to go out and don't want to take the time do dry my hair completely, but don't want to be cold. If I use the hand to do the under layers, I am good to go.
    I also really like it for losing areas around my crown in position- I am growing out my bangs, and this can hold them where I want them and dry them at the same time.