Saturday, May 25, 2013

Garnier Nutrisse Permanent Hair Colour


  1. My hair is 2a-c, porous/ colour treated, medium texture and I have eczematous skin which is sulphate-sensitive. I will be reviewing the 'Radiant Blondes' series, which is ammonia and sulphate surfactant free plus the colour and developer are silicone free. There is a silicone in the conditioner but I don't rate it so use my own, making the product CG friendly.

    Garnier Nutrisse is gentler on my skin than the box dye I previously used (Schwarzkopf Live XXL), but the product doesn't 'take' evenly if it doesn't get a little warm - the solution is a shower cap. From research this seems to be because ammonia is more reliable than alternative ingredients. This product is also significantly gentler on the hair than the only other sulphate-free box dye I could find here in the UK (Clairol Perfect 10).

    I have added a teaspoon of melted coconut oil to the product in the hope of further protecting the hair by reducing structural protein loss and the product worked just fine. There is also lauric acid - the main fatty acid in coconut oil - in the formula.

    Overall the 'Radiant Blondes' series is a good option for those who are 'strict' Curly Girl, who have sensitive skin or who hate the smell of ammonia. But ammonia-based products such as the standard Garnier Nutrisse line might be better for those who are have more flexible requirements or those with more resistant hair.

  2. I used to the Garnier Nutrisse Ultra-Color (for dark hair) in R2 - medium intense auburn when I was coloring my hair red. For a red that is more true to color, and that really actually LASTS, this was great. It did fade out a bit, but unlike most boxed dyes, it did not fade all the way back to brown. If (ok, when) I go back to my beloved red, I will go back to this.