Sunday, May 5, 2013

Inecto Pure Coconut Moisture Infusing Conditioner

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  1. I purchase this in discounters such as Bodycare or Home Bargains here in the UK but I believe it is also available in the US. My hair is 2a-c, porous/ colour treated, medium texture and I have sensitive eczematous skin.

    Inecto is a budget Curly Girl friendly CO-wash conditioner with a short ingredients list: no silicones, polyquats, protein, glycerin, parabens or colourants. Don't be fooled by the name it is very lightweight not oily at all. Since it is super cheap I use loads to get a lather and 'squeaky' clean hair, I even detangle whilst this is on. Never had any build up or greasy roots in two years, and can comfortably shift a heavy coconut oiling. Also emulsifies well with melted coconut oil (2:1) to make a deep treatment, just stir vigorously.

    On the flip side for my thirsty hair Inecto is useless as a main conditioner or leave in, but might well be suited to someone with low porosity or fine hair. It certainly has loads of positive reviews on UK Amazon! I would even suggest it to someone who has skin problems and is struggling with richer cleansing conditioners.