Saturday, May 25, 2013

Rajastahani Twilight Henna

This was a random picture I found on the internet.
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  1. 2B • Low Porosity • Normal Elasticity

    I purchased this from Henna For Hair. They have tons of information on their website. I purchased 4 packets of this blend and I'm very happy with it. I could only be more happy if henna was generally a tad more voilet and a tad less copper.

    I have light ash brown hair. It is very mousy indeed. This blend turns my hair a very rich coppery brown. The first couple of days my scalp is stained orange, and my hair is very saturated, but as the henna oxidizes I get a very natural-looking dark ginger/auburn result that only looks fiery in direct sunlight.

    This henna is finely ground into a powder and is easy to mix into a smooth paste. I use a tablespoon of lemon juice, and then just enough hot coffee (Keurig k-cup, second run) to make it into a thick doughy ball. Then I add olive oil - just enough to make it into a paste. After it is applied, I cover my hair in plastic and let it sit (without heat) for 4 hours. I wash it out in the laundry tub because henna is a bit messy.

    The color is more rich and intense than Lush's henna, because of the high lawsone content in this henna.

    When my roots grow out, I don't get a hard line. The henna fades enough to soften the line. I'm very pleased.