Sunday, May 5, 2013

Komaza Care Matani Repair Treatment

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  1. My hair is 2a-c, porous/ colour treated, medium texture and I have sensitive eczematous skin.

    I purchase at Britishcurlies Curly Emporium, they are available in the US direct from Komaza Care, there is also a stockist in Canada and in Germany. Most products in the line are Curly Girl friendly and largely natural ingredients with cosmetic science clearly considered in the formulations.

    This non-greasy leave in spray is the 'baby sister' of the Komaza Care protein strengthener which I have also reviewed. It contains ceramides, panthenol and hydrolysed protein all of which can penetrate or patch damaged hair and "is designed to repair damage hair, strengthen and stop breakage up to 96%". It also contains allantoin and aloe vera which both have proven dermatological benefits, so I feel confident using this on or near my scalp.

    I would recommend this for those who are uncertain whether their hair likes protein but have damaged or dull hair, including those with fine or dehydrated mature hair because the Matani repair treatment does not dry the hair out nor weigh it down. It contains hydrolysed wheat protein so not suitable for coeliacs.

    The Matani repair treatment offers reasonable value for money: you can either use a small amount after each wash or weekly as an overnight treatment. Overall I would definitely repurchase this product, a leave in spray is a really convenient way of treating your hair.