Saturday, July 28, 2012

DevaCurl B'Leave In

Curl enhancing jelly, available online and in specialty Beauty stores.


  1. I'm still playing with this, because I want it to work for me. It sort of does. It is lightweight and adds volume, smells nice, but has glycerin, so I get a certain amount of frizz with the enhancement. I seem to get that trade off a lot...enhancement, but with frizz. The other bonus is that for me, I can get this locally.

  2. I find this to be highly useful. It's high in glycerin so not for everyone. It is NOT a leave in, it is more like an enhancing jelly. I still need hard hold gel over it but I do find it quite enhancing and volumizing. Go easy on it. Does work really well with the Deva Frizz Free Volumizing foam but again go easy so hair doesn't get producty.