Sunday, July 1, 2012


This video is from Jessicurl's youtube channel.  They call plopping plunking in the video.


  1. Hair type: 2a/fine/high density/medium porosity/medium elasticity

    My hair is just to my shoulders in front and a tiny bit shorter in the back. Plopping does not work for me at all. I end up with nice waves up front near my face, but the back is super straight. I think that this would be better if my hair was around BSL.

  2. My hair is 2b, fine, thin, porous.

    Plopping works really well for me. I prefer plopping into a microfiber towel. Microfiber really helps to make my hair drier then when using a t-shirt or a flour sack. I prefer my hair being drier.
    Plopping doesn't always work for short hair. But if you have short hair, it is still worth a try. Plopping worked for me when my hair was ear length.

  3. 2c with 2a &b mixed in, normal-fine, normal-thin, porous

    Plopping is a must for me. From 15 minutes to 2-4 hours.. depending on what I feel like doing that day.
    My hair is long, so water weight is a big problem for me. I always soak my hair in my homemade flax seed gel to promote clumping and curl and to help hold clumps together while I plop. After that I have a number of choices. I can either add all my products and leave the plop until my hair has set (usually takes 3-4 hours). Just plop with FSG in my hair then add in my products after a few minutes (15-30 minutes) then diffuse or re-plop with a dry flour sack towel.
    It helps take the water weight off my hair while keeping it scrunched up so it doesn't flatten out. It keeps my hair from getting messed up when I dress.

  4. My hair is 2c, fine, medium density, medium porosity.
    When my hair was shorter (shoulder-length level), plopping did not work well at all for me. But now that it is longer, plopping works great for me. I find that if I do it longer than ~10-15 minutes my curls can get wonky, but short periods of time are great for pulling some of the moisture out of my hair and helping set my curls. I like using flour sack towels for plopping.