Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ice Queen Method

Here are a couple links to explain the ice queen method.
Big thread on
Another link that explains the method.


  1. fine, porous, 2b, thin
    I did like this technique. It makes nice clumps. But I've found if I do things upside down, I get wonky waves. I get better results with a modified version of the super soaker method. The cold water really does help make clumps, but I hate being cold. The cold water part was not going to happen for my hair.

  2. 2c, with some 2a & b mixed in, normal-fine, normal-thick, porous. Long! (important for my review)

    Rinsing upside down was a disaster for my hair. It did nothing but tangle my long hair. I ended up having to re-condition my hair and spent another 30 minutes gently combing the massive nest of tangles out of my hair. Never. Again.