Sunday, July 1, 2012

Super Soaker Technique

The Super Soaker Technique is explained in this link., video on page 2.  And in this thread.


  1. My hair is 2b, fine, thin, porous. My hair resists clumping.
    I find my modified version of the Super Soaker Method to be the best way to get my hair to clump. The tons of water used in the Super Soaker Method really helps hair to clump together.

    My modified version:
    I rake a pea size of leave in conditioner into my hair. I may just skip the first few inches of my hair or I may add leave-in only from the ears down. I rake my hair up and away from my scalp.
    The next step is to cup my hands together and fill them with water. I bring my hands to my roots, gathering hair in them on the way to my scalp. When I remove my hands, I will have lovely dripping clumps. I do this for my whole head. When I'm done, I scrunch out as much water as possible. Then I scrunch in my curl enhancer. I scrunch out as much water as possible with my hands.

  2. 2c with 2a &b mixed in, normal fine, normal thin, porous

    I do pretty much the same thing as Pedaheh does. This is the very best way for me to get clumps! Nothing else comes close to the clumping I get with super soaking.

  3. My hair is 2c, fine, medium density, medium porosity.
    I also do pretty much what Pedaheh describes. LI raked through first, then super soak, then flip upside down and scrunch in a curl enhancer and gel, and then scrunch-n-pump to get the product distributed and squish out some of the water. I do this every single time I style - otherwise my hair ends up stringy and blah. The super soaker method helps my hair clump nicely, and I think helps the products get distributed well (along with all the scrunching of course).