Monday, June 18, 2012

Aubrey Organics GPB

Found at Health Food Stores, Whole Foods, etc.


  1. This isn't a very moisturizing conditioner for me, but I love it for its high protein content and what it does for my fine waves. I use it once a week (on my other washing day I use Deva One C), leave it in while I wash and shave, and then rinse it out. It perks up my waves, especially when they've been limp. It does have a pretty potent herbal scent (which I happen to like), but you have to make sure that you really rinse it out well. It's one of my HG products.

  2. My hair: 2b, fine texture, lots of it, normal porosity, normal elasticity

    I agree with the previous poster, this is definitely one of my holy grail (HG) products. My fine hair drinks up protein like it's water, so this conditioner makes it VERY happy. I wouldn't say it has much slip or moisture, but it's a nice shot of protein. It does have a somewhat strong scent (I got the unscented one, I believe), but it doesn't linger after washing out. Definitely a repurchase.

  3. I like to use this as a protein treatment. After I over-proteined a few months ago, this was my first choice for slowly adding protein back into my routine. I have the rosemary peppermint scent and it smells minty. go figure. the first time I ever used this I used it on dry hair like it recommends on the bottle and i don't suggest it. it was awful. But the next time I used it almost as I would a DT, applied to towel dried hair and left in an hour with heat and my waves were perky and shiny. I'll definitely repurchase this.