Friday, June 22, 2012

Turbie Twist (Microfiber)

Found at drugstores.


  1. My friend bought 2 of these. They are the same type of MF like what you would find for the dog drying towels or in the auto section, which is too rough for my tastes. They catch on your skin. But I know a lot of people are fine with that type. I like how super soft the Deva ones are, so I don't care for it. So far Deva is the superior MF towel for me.

  2. I have one of these. When I had relaxed hair I used it all the time. Now that I have curly hair I don't really use it anymore. As the previous posters said the nap / fibers are a bit rougher and it can cause your curls to catch on it. But it really does work in removing the moisture from your hair. For me the Deva towels are just too expensive for my taste, but I did find at the dollar store microfiber towels similar to the Deva towels with a shorter nap / fiber so that it doesn't tangle in my hair.