Wednesday, June 20, 2012

L'Oreal Evercreme Cleansing Conditioner

Found at Drugstores


  1. 2b•fine•normal/low porosity•normal elasticity

    I understand that many consider this to be a Wen knockoff. I've never used Wen, so I can't speak to that.

    Evercream Cleansing Conditioner feels like a very rich conditioner in your hands. It has a fragrance that smells a little floral and a little... well, it's not musky, but it's kind of... sexy? I'm not sure what to call it. It is fairly strong aroma, so if you are sensitive to fragrance, you won't like this. It doesn't bother me. It has the consistancy of hand lotion. It's thick and creamy, but not thick like GVPCB. The pump is handy, but it only spits out about 2 peas at a time. I usually use 10ish presses to cleanse my hair. LECC has moderate slip for my fine 2b hair. Someone with more coarse or porous hair might not find it slippy enough. When you work it into your roots, it doesn't lather at all, but it will foam a little bit. My hair isn't dry, so sometimes I don't need to follow it up with a rinse out conditioner. I really like this product, I only wish the pump gave a more generous dollup of product. It is gentle enough for every-day use, but I don't use it every time I cleanse because I enjoy variety.

    I bought it at CVS and I've seen it at Meijer too.

  2. My hair is 2c, fine, medium porosity, low elasticity.
    I really like this product. It is very moisturizing like a regular (richer) conditioner and yet cleansing at the same time. My hair does not feel at all stripped after using this. On the contrary, I don't use this every day because I am a bit worried that it could overcondition me if I did that. But it's really nice to rotate in with my low-poos and co-washes. I prefer this over a regular co-wash. The fragrance is quite strong - very perfumey, but it rinses out and doesn't really bother me. I use about 6 pumps of this for my just-past-shoulder-length hair. It does not foam. It leaves my hair clean and moisturized. Another plus is that you can find it on the ground - I bought mine at Target.

  3. I have 2b hair that is fine, high porosity, and normal elasticity. I think this product is great! The smell is strong, but it doesn't linger. I usually apply this to my scamp and add a little water to get it lathering. It really helps keep my hair moisturized.

  4. I really liked this cowash except I went through the bottle very quickly. It's a small bottle, and I tend to use quite a bit of wash at a time. In the end, even though its not an expensive product, I feel I get more value from Curl Junkie Daily Fix or AIA cowash since I seem to be able to use less (or maybe I'm just being cheap, lol). The only other negative for some would be the scent, although I personally liked it- but it is strong and perfumey.