Friday, June 22, 2012

Duckbill Clips

Found at drugstores.


  1. I got some of these to help clip my roots while my hair dried, for better volume on top of my head. When my hair was at shoulder length, I found they worked pretty well. The would mostly stay in place and do their job well. But as my hair has been growing, they now tend to fall over and slide down a bit, pretty much defeating their purpose. I wish they put tiny little teeth in the surface to help them stay put, although I guess their smooth surface helps you pull them out easily. Overall though - I think they're worth having around and you can find them very inexpensively.

  2. 2c with 2a &b mixed in, normal fine, normal thin, porous, mid-back length

    Duckbill clips work OK for clipping, but I have found better clips that stay in place better and that easier to use.

  3. My hair falls out of these. After trying every clip out there, my favorite is the deva clip.