Saturday, June 16, 2012

Curl Junkie Coffee Coco Curl Cream Lite

Found online.


  1. So far, I seem to really like this. Unlike the regular version, this one appears to be glycerin free, which is a bonus for me. It leaves my hair shiny and soft, and seems to play well with other products. I do have pretty fine hair, so I think I have to be careful as to how much I use. I'm still playing with it and some of the other Curl Junkie products. I'm also wondering whether or not I need to or should use a leave in with it. By description, it looks like it ought to be leave in and styler. I think a leave in plus this might be too much, unless I reduced the amount of each and mixed them.

    1. Edit: it looks like this DOES have glycerin in it after all, albeit toward the end of the ingredient list.

  2. 3a/f/iii, normal porosity and elasticity

    I've tried this product several times now, as both a curl cream and as a LI. It worked well enough as a LI, but I didn't notice any styler qualities- I look for styler products to provides one of these three benefits
    *curl enhacement
    *frizz reduction
    I didn't get any of these with CCCCL. While it does work well as a LI, it's not something that I see myself re-purchasing because I have other LIs that I like just as much or more.

  3. Fia - fine/medium, ii/iii, normal porosity and elasticy, 2a waves.

    I really like this so far. I use it as my leave in as well as a curl enhancer. I use about 3 pea sized drops for my whole head (sides and upside down). When I use this I notice less frizz and some light wave enhancement. It doesnt weigh down my fine hair and it smells delicious! The best combo I've found with it is this, KCCC and AIF.

  4. 2b/c with 2 a bits, normal-fine, normal-porous

    I wanted to like this, as it seemed so many wavies do, but I just did not. It smelled good. It was light. But that's about it. I get much better curl definition, moisture, and sealing properties with Shea Moisture Curl and Style Milk, and it's much cheaper and available on ground in my area.

  5. Didn't do anything for me. I loved the smell though!