Friday, June 22, 2012

Flour Sack Towels

Found in the kitchen section of department stores.


  1. My hair: 2b/c; texture: Fine; Density: Medium; Porosity: normal/low; Elasticity: Normal.

    I love my Flour Sack towels. They take out just enough moisture without over drying. They are large enough for plopping too! Additionally, you can't beat the price!

  2. My hair is 2b, fine, thin, porous.

    I prefer microfiber to plop. Microfiber gets my hair drier, which I prefer. Flour sack towels work fine, but I prefer microfiber. I use the flour sack towels to dry my hair before a PT or DT.

  3. My hair is 2c, fine, medium density, medium porosity.
    I love flour sack towels. Microfiber pulls too much moisture and product out. T-shirts aren't a nice square shape. Flour sack towels are the best of everything. They take out just enough moisture but not too much, and their shape allows for easy plopping.

  4. These are my towel of preference for plopping. They are lightweight, still draw out excess water and are big enough to hold mid-back length hair without issues. Purchase these at a warehouse store (Sam's, BJ's, Costco) in the commercial restaurant section for the best savings. (If you don't like them for your hair, they are great cleaning cloths, too!)

  5. I can't belive I haven't reviewed these yet!
    These are by far my favorite hair towel.
    I scrunch product into soaking (dripping) wet hair. Then I scrunch a little to get my waves going, and use a flour sack to plop while I get dressed. Take down plop, scrunch in more hard hold gel (by this time, my hair and the towel have soaked up most of my hard hold gel.. so I have to add more) then srunch again with the damp towel (it's already damp and soaked with gel... so it doesn't pull out too much gel).
    Sometimes I will plop again with a fresh towel after this. Mostly if I am air drying. I will clip the top and sides then plop again. In an hour I'll take it down, scrunch with the damp towel to encourage the waves again. I can air dry this way without looking like a drowned rat.

  6. Flour sack towels (I call them dish towels) are the BEST! Hands-down best for getting the water out of hair without creating frizz. They're light, easy to handle, dry quickly when you're done with them, take up almost no space in the wash. A great and inexpensive styling tool.

  7. I love my flour sack towels! When my hair is longer than shoulder length, I line them with a microfiber cloth floor plopping.