Monday, June 18, 2012

Curl Junkie Curl Queen Hair Styling Gel

Found online.


  1. Let me start by admitting that I may not have had the chance to give this a thorough test. I bought the styling sample pack from CJ, and this was one of the samples.

    I found this to be ok. Not the worst gel I have tried, but the results weren't great enough to justify buying a full size bottle, either. The hold was meh. But it did feel nice in my hair, not producty. It didn't leave me stringy, which is a problem I have with a lot of gels.

  2. My hair: 2b, fine texture, lots of it, normal porosity, normal elasticity

    This gel has been my saving grace twice when I've used products that didn't do much, if anything for my hair. I wouldn't say it's necessarily the best product I've ever used, but it definitely enhances my waves and promotes clumps. It doesn't have much hold, but that's fine by me, as I add a hard hold gel over top of it. As with most other Curl Junkie Products, it's a concentrated product, so even if I were to only use this and do my hair every day, I can see this product lasting a long time.

  3. My hair is 2a, fine, porous

    This gel was perfetly fine, but it was nothing special. I have lots of other gels that are cheaper that I like better.

  4. This was kind of meh for me- didn't really do anything worthy of the price.I got it from a swap, used it twice, then swapped it out.