Friday, June 22, 2012

Curls Like Us Curl Cloths

Found online.


  1. I went on a splurge and got several types of towels (its not like I won't use towels!) to see which I like best. These are nice. You get two in a pack. With my neck length hair, one seems to be enough. It's sewn in a tube shape, which is handy as you just keep tossing it to a new dry area. The weight is great. Like a mid-weight t-shirt, but extra soft. Almost "brushed". I found them way easier to use than a real t-shirt (none I had was an ideal weight. Either too thin or too heavy). Very nice product. Little tags you can hang them with and probably a way you can plop if you experiment.

  2. These work very well to preserve waves without much frizz. They are cotton jersey material and much softer than the "freebie" t-shirts I had been using. I love the tube feature of the cloths. They look much better hanging on the towel rack than the flour sack towels I plop with. The dark brown color also hides the henna run-off I sometimes have.