Sunday, June 17, 2012

Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut Conditioner

Found at drugstores.


  1. 2b•fine•normal/low porosity•normal elasticity

    I've been using Suave Naturals Coconut Conditioner to co-wash my daughter's hair for about 2 years now. It is gentle, and non-stripping, but it doesn't impart a lot of moisture, so I always follow it up with something more rich.

    Same goes for my hair. SNC is in my co-wash rotation. It doesn't cleanse as well as CJ DF, for example, but it does a fine job if I don't have too much product in my hair (ie: hair spray). On occasion I use a pea-sized amount or less as a leave-in. I haven't been impressed using it that way. I'm not big on leave-ins for my hair. But my daughter's hair seems to drink it up. She might be a little more porous than me. Not sure yet.

  2. 2c with 2 a & b, normal-fine, normal-thin, porous

    This has been my go-to co-wash for over a year. I have tried others, but I always come back to this. It cleanses my hair very well, it's not too heavy but not too light, either. It also works pretty well for a leave in for me, but not enough moisture for a rinse out, IMO.
    Plus, it smells like coconuts! Coconut is my favorite scent for hair products.

  3. I liked using this as a cowash for a while, but then I got over-proteined and had to cut out all protein products including this. Maybe I'll go back to it in the spring.

  4. Hair: 2b-c, fine, dense, low/normal porosity

    Started out with this as a cowash, but after repeated use, it made my hair very soft. I needed conditioner with volumizing ingredients for fine hair, and this just wasn't it.

  5. I love this conditioner for co-washing. I wet my hair right after washing my face in the shower and then slather my hair with the SN. I scrub my scalp and then pile my hair on top of my head and finish showering my body. Then, I go back and scrub my head for quite a few minutes. And rake the conditioner through my hair. Then, I rinse thoroughly. My scalp and hair feel clean and refreshed. I love the coconut smell but it only lasts during the washing.

  6. I used to keep repurchasing this as a cowash, but my hair eats bottle of it for snacks, and it takes half a small bottle to cowash. Smells great though.