Friday, June 22, 2012

Goody Spin Pins

Found in drugstores


  1. I love these things. I have both the large and small sizes and can combine them to make a messy/wavy updo in a pinch. They actually saved me on a rainy, frizzy day on which I had a blind date lol. I like that they give good hold without crushing or pinching my waves. They don't really work on wisps or for detail work, but are terrific for pulling your hair back without the damage of a bobby or an elastic.

  2. I have fine, thin hair. I bought the three pack of shorter spin pins. I looked at the size of the regular spin pins, and I've never had a bun that wide in my life. If you have thin hair or hair that isn't very long, be sure to consider the size of the regular 2-pack of spin pins before buying them.
    I love these guys. They really work. I've used them for a bun and for a french twist. What I usually use them for is a very messy bun. I start making a bun and then smush my hair into a bun-like shape and screw in the spin pins. Since I start with a shape that is so messy, I usually have to add a few hair pins as well. The ultra messy bun is my go to up do.

  3. I would have to agree that the regular spin pins are a bit big if you don't have thick hair. I haven't tried the mini spin pins yet as I've had trouble locating them here. I expect I'll get a set once I locate them though.

  4. 2c with 2a &b mixed in, normal fine, normal thin, porous, mid-back legnth

    I love these! I literally never leave home without them. They hold great. I have even slept in them and they held my hair all night. They are so easy, super quick, and versatile. They are an absolute must for me in the summer, I can put my hair up in a quick decent looking bun, and they don't mess up my waves, so I can take it back down when I get where I'm going and my hair still looks good.
    I have also created a number of other up-dos with them, from french twists (they work great for that, too) to tucked ponytails (gathering hair up in a pony, secure the pony with a strand of hair wrapped around it. Then tuck ends under spin pins in from the side to hold ends.)
    These get my award for best hair accessory!

  5. Hair: 2b-c, fine, dense, low/normal porosity

    I love Spin Pins! I fine hair, but it's very dense and shoulder length, and it has spit out all kinds of pins and random updo devices. Seriously, it laughs at updos. But Spin Pins really work. I have to use the big ones if I'm putting up all my hair, and they stay in place all day. Finally, I can do French twists and buns that don't self-destruct. As a bonus, my waves don't fall out when I take down the hair. Highly recommended.

  6. These are great. They take some experimenting but once you get it they are great. I don't even have very long hair (neck length) and two of them work well. Longer hair would have even less difficulty than me. Check out youtube. There are several videos, each person uses them differently. It'll help you figure out what works for you.