Sunday, June 17, 2012

Shea Moisture Hold and Shine Moisture Mist Spray

Found at Target, Meijer, and Walgreens.


  1. My hair: 2b/c; texture: Fine; Density: Medium; Porosity: normal/low; Elasticity: Normal.

    Despite the name, it doesn't provide much, if any, hold at all.The smell of this product is a light tropical coconut. After searching far and wide for a moisture spray that didn't contain aloe, I found this wonderful product!

    This lightweight spray is my 2nd day/ up-do, flyaway & frizz fixer! It doesn't weigh my hair down or leave it greasy looking. I also use this as a finisher on super humid days...and I spray it on my hair at night before I pineapple or plop to add some moisture to my hair overnight.

  2. 2c with 2a &b mixed in, normal fine, normal thin, porous

    First of all, I love the smell. Even if it did nothing for me at all, I might buy it just for the smell. LOL!
    It's a miracle frizz tamer for me. Great refresher. Perfect for adding moisture if I feel a bit dry.
    The hold is light, and not a typical holding product. It doesn't get crunchy or hard. It sort of adds a little weight to the hair to keep it from frizzing up, flying away and things like that. But if your looking for hair spray type hold, this isn't it. However, if you want something to help hold your up-do in place while not making your hair into a helmet, than this is the stuff! I spray my hair down well with the product before putting it up. After I am done putting it up, it's usually still damp enough to scrunch a little to refresh any waves that got pulled or smashed. Then I found that mixing this 1/2 and 1/2 with a spray gel in a smaller spray bottle is a great finisher to really keep everything in place without feeling hard or product-y.

  3. When I first spray it on, it weighs down the flyaways, but it doesn't last. Who cares though when it smells so heavenly?