Friday, June 15, 2012

Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Gel

Found at Drugstores


  1. My hair is 2b, fine, thin, and porous. I tend to like a lot of hold. This gel has a medium hold. A 3 out of 5. It is a perfectly fine gel, just no where near enough hold for me.

  2. I have 2c, fine, medium density, medium porosity hair. This is the only gel I've found that I can use as an alternative to BRHG. Now let me clarify - this cannot be compared to BRHG, it simply does not have the same level of hold, and there is very little (if any) crunch to scrunch out when it dries in my hair. But I do like using it occasionally for something different from my usual BRHG. It provides some hold and frizz protection during drying.

  3. This is a light hold gel that works well to clump hair, but does very little to support waves once dry. I always have to add a hard hold gel over this. Great smell, though!