Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ion Effective Care Treatment

Found at Sally Beauty Supply.


  1. My hair: 2b, fine texture, medium-high density, normal elasticity, normal porosity

    My hair LOVES this stuff (partially because it acts like protein is water and drinks it up). I use it as a rinse out conditioner, even though I think it's meant to be a mild protein treatment. I generally put it on my hair, use a wide tooth comb to comb it through, and give it five minutes. This way, I can extend the time between doing IAgirl's PT (especially helpful when life gets busy).

  2. 2c with 2 a & b, normal-fine, normal-thin, porous

    A moisturizing mild protein treatment. It's moisturizing and mild enough to be used daily. You can leave it on longer and/or apply heat to make it a little stronger.
    This is one of my can't live without products!

  3. 2b, fine, thin, porous

    I really like this stuff. It is very versatile. I normally alternate between this PT and Science-y Hair Blog's (IAgirl's) gelatin PT. I leave this on about a hour to PT. Sometimes this has enough moisture and I don't have to follow the PT with a moisturizing conditioner or DT (depends on my hair's needs). I have used this as a rinse out when my hair needs more protein. I sometimes mix it with my rinse out to add a little bit of protein. I've also used it as a leave in on occasion. The protein in this is soy protein. The scent is nice. It is a cocoa or maybe mocha scent. Chocolate scents can go horribly wrong, but this one is pretty decent.

  4. LOVE this. My hair seriously cannot get enough protein, and I use it as my daily RO. It's the perfect amount of protein/moisture for my hair.

    My hair is a mix of 2s and fine. Highlighted and prone to breakage. I will never be without this again!

  5. My hair is 2b/fine/thin density/high porosity/normal elasticity

    I cannot rave enough about this bottled protein treatment! It leaves my hair stronger and moisturized!

  6. 2B, fine, medium density, med-high porosity, normal elasticity

    While I think this makes a great joint PT/DT, I use it more often as a cowash. I mean, this is my cowash. It gives my hair a quick protein fix, has good moisture content (I'd rate it 4-5), has some slip, spreads easily, and rinses clean. I buy the big pump bottle.

  7. Hair: 2C•fine•normal/high porosity•low density

    My hair has never met a protein it didn't like, which is why even though this is meant as a mild protein treatment, I use it as a cowash. It's the only cowash that doesn't over-condition my protein-craving hair and with a good RO, it effectively maintains the protein/moisture balance in my hair. It distributes well in my hair and rinses easily.

  8. This stuff smells like artificial orange creamsicle. It works well for everyday protein, but I wouldn't use it as a protein treatment. My hair needs more. I love using this stuff in the wintertime as a cowash. This stuff seems thicker than the reconstructor also from Ion.