Friday, June 15, 2012

LA Looks Sports Gel

Found at drugstores.


  1. My hair is 2b, fine, thin, porous. This gel was a huge fail for me. It made my hair straighter. It has a strong hold that was unscrunchable. I had unscrunchable twigs for hair.

  2. I bought LALSG at CVS Pharmacy after reading many positive remarks on Naturally's CurlTalk forum. I honestly do not understand the hype.

    I'm a fine-haired 2b with normal/low porosity and normal elasticity. My hair is healthy. My waves are naturally limp and lazy. I could easily pass for a straight-haired person without using a flat iron. My waves need a lot of encouragement and hold to look their best. LALSG doesn't provide my hair the kind of hold that I need. I add this gel to my freshly washed and wet hair. My scrunch the water out of my hair until it is barely dripping wet and then I add enough gel to make my hair clump and feel slightly tacky.

    Today I used about 2 heaping teaspoons of gel on my very wet, but not dripping hair. I raked it in at the roots and scrunched it in at the ends. My hair just sucked it up. I scrunched a bit and then plopped/plunked it in a flour sack towel just long enough to dry off and get dressed; about 5 minutes. At this point my hair didn't feel like there was any gel in it at all. I added about 2 more heaping teaspoons of LALSG and scrunched until my hair felt slightly tacky. The clumps were very stringy or slender and unappealing. I Pixie-diffused until about 40% dry, then clipped my roots for volume and diffused until dry. Once it was dry, I scrunched out the crunch. I felt like I scrunched out all of the hold. My hair felt a little bit dry, like it was coated in powder... not like dry/damaged hair, just like clean and healthy hair that had... well... powder on it. I can't think of a better description. I guess the gel turned into small flakes. I couldn't see any flakes or residue, but I can feel it. After the gel cast is broken, the hold is gone.

    If this is "10+" hold, then I'd like some 40-hold gel please. I give this a hold of 1 out of 10. Please pass the Biosilk Rock Hard Gelee!

  3. 2C with 2A&B mixed in, normal-fine, normal-thin, porous

    Hold Factor: 4
    I really like this gel. It distributes very well with scrunching, which some gels need to combed, smoothed, or raked in for good coverage. Any of those techniques kill my clumps.
    It leaves my hair soft, smooth (no frizz), and shiny. I have no problem scrunching out the crunch, and it holds very well for me. I can always get 2nd day hair with it.
    It's super cheap, which always a huge plus for me, becuase my porous hair needs a lot of gel!

  4. This is another gel that I really hoped to love as it is super inexpensive and easy to find. My hair is unfortunately protein sensitive, and it made my hair a frizzy mess.

  5. Hair: 2b-c, fine, dense, low/normal porosity

    I would call this an average gel, nothing inherently bad or good about it. It gets the job done and is inexpensive. I had no problems SOTC.

  6. I like this gel, and it seems to work pretty well for my purposes. However, I wish they'd redesign the big bottle. It's hard to hold and squeeze with a gel-covered hand!