Saturday, June 16, 2012

Neutral Protein Filler

Found at Sally Beauty Supply.


  1. 2c with 2a & b, normal-fine, normal-thin, porous

    My hair adores protein. I use this to add a little boost of protein to my homemade products. FSG, curl enhancing spray, and add it to IAgirl's PT to add a different kind of protein. It's pretty versatile. Can be used straight as a PT, left in before a chemical service, left in for a protein boost before styling, added to conditioner to add some protein... I'm sure the list goes on!
    If your hair is a protein like mine, it will love this!

  2. This is a HG product for my fine hair! Seriously. I mix this with distilled water 2:1 and spray it on after I shampoo. Using this, I can GUARANTEE a great wavy/curly hair day. It's my protein treatment of choice. I also will add this to my leave-in from time to time if I notice my waves drooping. It works well in FSG, too. This is awesome stuff!

  3. 2a, porous, fine. Meh. My hair can take or leave this. Keratin doesn't do much for my hair.