Thursday, June 14, 2012

Biosilk Rock Hard Gelle

Found online and at drugstores, but somewhat hard to find.


  1. 2b•fine•normal/low porosity•normal elasticity

    Allow me to preface my review by telling you that I have an OLDER tube of this gel. It does NOT have the mauve dot and mine contains rosewater as the first ingredient. There has been some debate in our wavy group as to whether the concentration of some of the other ingredients has changed because some gals think the newer formula (with the mauve dot) has more hold. I've put in a phonecall to Farouk and they gave me the canned answer of "If you didn't buy it at a salon (or Ulta) you might not have the real thing...". They are supposed to talk to a company chemist to get me a real answer and call me back. I'll let you know what I find out, if they do call me back.

    So, as I said, I do not have the pictured formula. Mine could be old/expired.

    I love this gel. I have not found anything with comparable hold. I haven't tried many gels yet though. If I find something with a harder hold, I'll let you know.

    Here's how I use this gel: I apply it in the shower and add it to freshly washed hair. I turn my head upside down, rinse with cold water, and then scrunch out the excess water until my hair is not dripping anymore. While upside down, I use about a handful of gel.
    ** most people find this crazy-excessive, but I like a lot of hold **

    See picture:

    First I squeeze about 1/3d of the pictured amount into my hand and I rub my hands together and distribute it into half of my hair. Then I repeat and do the other side. As I scrunch it into my hair, I also scrunch out excess water. This wastes some of the gel down the drain, but it is the best way to achieve even distribution. Then I plunk/plop for 5 minutes while I get dressed. When I take my hair out of the towel I add the final 3rd of gel to my hair and scrunch it in until my hair feels slightly tacky. If I scrunch too much, my hairs will stick to my hands and create frizz. Figuring out when to stop is a learning process. I immediately pixie-diffuse my hair until dry and then scrunch out the crunch. BRHG gives me the best clumping and hold of any hair gel I've found. It also helps my waves shrink up into curls with the aid of a diffuser.

    I get even better results if I put 1 or 2 peas of Kinky-Curly Curling Custard into my hair before adding the BRHG (many think this is too much KCCC also). The KCCC further reduces the chance of frizz. I have not yet tried it with Curly Hair Solutions - Curl Keeper.

    On a scale of 10, I give Biosilk Rock Hard Gelee a hold rating of 7 or 8. I am in the minority here. I would probably have to use a product that is not Curly Girl approved to get the kind of hold that I seek.

    If you're using this product for the first time, I recommend using only 1 or 2 peas to start (I have shoulder-length hair). If that doesn't work, keep adding more until you reach 1-2 tablespoons. This gel has a learning curve, but it is FABULOUS.

    Available at select CVS, RiteAid, Walgreens and Target stores. Available at Ulta.

  2. Got a call back from Farouk. There is no difference between the new and old BRHG, other than the rosewater/water. No change in hold.

  3. This product is my HG of styling products. No other gel I have tried yet gives me this kind of hold without the frizz. And I have absolutely no trouble scrunching out the crunch when it dries. Love this stuff!

  4. 2c with 2a & b mixed in, normal-fine, normal-thin, porous

    Hold Factor: 5+ (Hold factor is off the charts hard to me!)

    I really don't see what all the fuss is about over this one other than the truly ROCK hard hold. Too rock hard for me, it's unscrunchable, even with coconut oil or Shea Moisture smoothie, or even GVP Conditioning Balm (usually a decent moisturizing product will soften stubborn crunch). It gives me stringy hair. So I end up with unscrunchable strings of wet gel looking hair until I wash it out.
    The only way I can use this at all, is to mix the smallest amount possible in some homemade Flax Seed Curl Cream to up the hold. I add only maybe a quarter size dab to an 8 oz. bottle of curl cream.

    1. Since this review, I have found I do like this gel, but still can never use it straight. I find I like to add it to my curl enhancers to add hold so I can cut some styling time, and it helps the gel distribute evenly, because I need to use such a tiny amount, that I would never get it distributed if I was using it straight up.
      I have added it to Flax Seed Gel, Flax Seed Curl Cream (it's flax seed gel with a moisturizing product added), mixed with KY, mixed with Aloe Vera Juice (drinkable liquid, even mixing it with LI. In this way, I love it.

  5. Hair type: 2a/fine/high density/medium porosity/medium elasticity

    So far I am not a huge fan of BRHG. I think I'm finding I dont care for super hard hold gels, even though I have a very weak wave pattern and need all the help I can get. When I use this alone I find it difficult to SOTC and my hair feels product-y and dry after, even when I use extra LI. The best way I've found to use this is to mix a TINY (like smaller than a pea) blob in my huge blob of whatever gel I'm using that day. It ups the hold of my other gel but I am able to SOTC and I dont get as dry.

  6. My hair is 2b, fine, porous, thin

    This is my HG to end all HGs. If this was ever discontinued, I'll cry actual tears out of my eyes over a gel. I'm not proud of that, but I probably would cry. I'm a fan of hard hold gels, and this has by far the hardest hold out there. Many people like to use BRHG in pea size amounts. I prefer at least a dime size. No matter what other products I'm using, they always get some BRHG thrown on top. BRHG really extends the drying time for hair. I like to add it as late in the styling process as possible, so my hair has a chance to dry some before the BRHG gets in my hair. I like to add this after pixie curl diffusing, using the Smaster's method. If you are adding BRHG to dryer hair, wet your hands before applying. If your hands are not wet, this sticky gel will pull individual hairs away from their clumps.
    Not everyone loves this gel, but IMHO this is a must try for all wavies. If you like it, Overstock has big bottles of BRHG and Amazon has it on subscribe and save.

  7. This is the gel of all gels! I absolutely LOVE this stuff! I add about 2 or 3 pea-size dollops to whatever medium hold gel I'm using and it really holds up my waves. It's rather easy to scrunch out the crunch once my hair is dry also.

    1. Yay for hold, yay for crunch, yay for BRHG!
      Just don't use too much, ouch.

  8. Hair: 2b-c, fine, dense, low/normal porosity

    I read a review of this product that said it would hold your hair in a hurricane, and after trying it myself, I have to agree with that assessment. I used it on top of Ecostyler and AGRecoil. Great hold, no frizz. And I only used a slightly larger than pea size for each of my 3 sections of hair. Easy to SOTC.

    I tested my second day hair by putting it up in a ponytail and putting a riding helmet on top. After a short horseback ride, I checked the hair and, OMG, the curl was still there, only it looked a bit flatter. Not sure how it will fare in the heat of summer in that situation, but so far, it's a big winner for me.

  9. Hair: 2C•fine•normal/high porosity•low density

    This is my holy grail gel. It's the only gel I've tried that has enough hold to make it through the day in any conditions without leaving a gross residue in my hair. Awesome stuff and well worth the higher than average price.

  10. This is the only gel that will give me 2nd day hair. It provides extra hard hold, and I usually have to mix it with a thinner gel to be able to work it through all of my hair. I tried using this straight up as my regular gel and it was one of the more painful experiments while going CG. My roots were aching by the end of the day and I couldn't even get a wide-toothed comb through it without completely re-wetting my hair. Use sparingly for the first time and increase amount a little at a time to find out the amount that works best for your hair.