Friday, June 15, 2012

Devacare Arc Angel Gel


  1. My hair: 2b/c; texture: Fine; Density: Medium; Porosity: normal/low; Elasticity: Normal.

    Hold Scale: 4

    I honestly was not impressed with the Arc Angel gel. This product was used on me, by a stylist, after a Deva cut. It left my hair hard and crispy feeling, even after SOTC. I think this gel was just too hard of a hold for me. It left me feeling "producty", which is a feeling I can't stand. But, I should add that my hair held up all day, through killer humidity and heat, and looked good at the end of the day. I did not purchase this gel at the salon that day and will not be purchasing it in the future.

    *At the time of the cut I had been exclusively using the Deva line of products, so I know it wasn't a bad hair reaction to No Poo or One C.*

  2. This is a HG-Gel for me. It provides medium hold und is definetly curl/wave enhancing. Although there is protein in it and I am a tad protein sensitive, I can use it just fine if I rotate products.

    A definite plus is the short drying time. It takes about half as long to dry than my other HG the KCCC.

    I also like that the consistency is runny and that it immediately "melts" on your hair. Also you can't use to much! Thew key is to use this gel on soaking wet and well conditioned hair.

    I like to use the SM Curl & Style Mile as a LI under it, those products work well together.

  3. This used to be my holy grail gel... until it started building up on me.
    It had nice hold, a little crunch that was easy to scrunch out, and it held up well overnight.
    I would recommend this to anyone who doesn't have low porosity hair. It has polyquats that gunked up my scalp really badly. My hair was getting frizzy when wet, it was time to say goodbye.
    However, before it started building up, it was wonderful. That leads me to believe that it would work very well on someone with normal to high porosity hair.